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The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Self-Control

This week we had our all-age service, which was the last in our summer-long series exploring the Fruits of the Spirit, finishing with ‘Self-Control’

We started the service by releasing balloons, with the winner being whoever got theirs all the way to Morag at the other end of the hall first.


But the balloons showed a lack of self-control, and just flew all over the room!

Next, we headed outside for an experiment – what would happen when we added mints to bottles of cola?


The last bottle didn’t explode, as Neil had given these mints ‘self-control’, by wrapping them in cling film.

We then split into small groups, to discuss situations when we can lose control, and any ways we deal with these, displaying self-control.

Finally, Neil explored what the Bible has to say about self-control, highlighting this verse in 2 Timothy:

It’s interesting that self-control is not about being timid, but is in fact linked by Paul to power & love.

Do you have any reflections or thoughts about the service? We’d love to hear what you think, so please leave a comment below.

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