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The 9 virtues that make up the Fruit of the Spirit

Just a quick reminder of the nine virtues that make up the Fruit of the Spirit.

The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Self-Control

This was the last service in our summer-long series exploring the Fruits of the Spirit.

The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Gentleness

Gentleness combines strength and meekness – strength under control.

The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Faithfulness

What does it take to stay faithful to the commitments we make?

The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Goodness

Goodness is an attitude that is willing to do so much more than is required.

The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Kindness

Kindness is one of God’s secret doorways to destiny.

The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Patience

Patience – it’s a quality of God, and is to be true of us as well.


The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Peace

Can we watch the news, and see all that’s going on in the world around us, and still know God’s peace?

The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Joy

The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Joy

Some days it’s difficult to find joy. But we’re called to rejoice in the Lord. Even in trials, the joy of the Lord will stop a descent into despair…

A song about joy

A song about joy

We’re introducing another new song this Sunday, to put words to our thoughts about joy, and to help us articulate a response to God.

New series, new song

New series, new song

Sunday will mark the start of a new sermon series looking at the Fruit of the Spirit – here’s a new song we’ll be using this week.

The Spirit-Shaped Life

The Spirit-Shaped Life

Over the summer, we’re going to be looking through the Fruit of the Spirit, and what it means to have a Spirit-shaped life.