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Disciples and Marriage (Mark 10:1-12)

Once again, the Pharisees came to try and trip Jesus up; this time about the issues of divorce. But Jesus refused to play their game.

So what did you expect when you got married?

Our lives are built around expectations at the different stages of our lives. Our resilience is developed as life occasionally fails to live up to expectations.

Marriage Matters

Marriage Matters

Being held at Mount Chapel, and organised jointly by Salford Elim Church, Mount Chapel and Langworthy Community Church, Marriage Matters is a unique opportunity for couples to invest in their marital relationships. Led by Roger and Maggie Ellis the one night, one day event aims to build, enhance, strengthen and deepen the bonds of marriage in…
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Wedding Rings


I was fortunate enough to be asked to walk a couple through their wedding day. They were getting married down south, and wanted to stay ahead of the game with what was going to happen on the day. So for two evenings I took them over to the church and went through the ceremony. These…
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Marriage – What Did You Expect?

For most people on their wedding days they have made the most effort for a one day event that they will ever make.  People fly in from around the world, huge amounts of money is invested, we look the best we can.  And then the next morning we wake up married!!! Follow the link below…
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