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The Vine Community Hub is now open!

man holding a sign: The Vine Community Hub - We Are Open!

After many weeks of waiting, praying and hoping, we have finally moved all the furniture in to our new place of community engagement on Cholmondeley Road! 

A massive thanks to all who have helped load vans, paint walls, dig up weeds, cut grass, clean windows, install wi fi and more – we couldn’t have done it without you!

It’s really exciting to be able to have such a great space to reach out in the name of Jesus. 

Like most things, it’s a work in progress; there’s still bits to do and we may try some things and see how they go. 

We can’t do this without volunteers and here are just some opportunities for those who have some free time through the week:

Monday mornings (from January)

Judith and Colin Thompson are going to try a Coffee Morning with baby facilities from 10.30-12pm. This would be an easy place for people to drop in for a brew and a chat, perhaps play a game or two. It’s an easy way to build relationships and a place to invite friends.

Could you volunteer to help make brews and make people feel really welcome? If so, see Judith, Colin or Ian.

Tuesdays (already started)

Janet Downs and Anne Cox are opening the building at 10.30am for an Art Workshop and brews, followed by a ‘Communal Lunch’ from 12-1pm (a simple sandwich or soup) and Janet’s ‘Crafty Crew’ from 1-2.30pm. 

Could you volunteer to help make brews, make lunch and make people feel really welcome? If so, see Janet, Anne or Ian.

Wednesdays (starting 24th November)

We are starting a ‘Wednesday Fellowship’ from 10.30-12pm which will be an opportunity to pray, reflect on the bible and worship with other Christians from our church and others. It will be co-led by Corrine, Ian and others. 

If you would like to contribute to the leading of this (sharing a biblical reflection, a song, or leading prayer for example), please speak to Corrine or Ian. 

This will be followed by a ‘Communal Lunch’ from 12-1pm (same as Tuesdays) and then a ‘Prayer Drop In’ from 1.30pm led by Paul Laidler, which is a chance for people to be prayed with for healing or anything else really. 

Could you volunteer to help make brews or make lunch? If so, see Ian.

Could you be part of the Prayer Team? If so, see Paul or Ian.


On the first Thursday of each month, Judith and Colin Thompson and Heather Kass will be providing an Afternoon Tea and entertainment, particularly targeting those who are post-retirement age.

Could you help prepare the afternoon tea and make people feel really welcome? If so, see Judith or Colin.


Judith and Colin and the team are restarting the ‘Play and Stay’ sessions for parents/grandparents and their pre-school children. One in the morning from 10-12pm and one from 1.30-3pm. 

They could use an extra pair of hands in the afternoon to help set up and pack away, make brews and toast and playing with children. Could you be that person? If so, see Judith or Colin.


We need a small team of people who would be willing to clean the building once a week (toilets, floors, kitchen) for about an hour. This could be done whenever the building is not in use and whilst it’s not glamorous, it is necessary to ensure we keep the place in a fit state for all the activities we do. 

Could you spare an hour a week to help keep the place clean? If so, see Ian.


We will be restarting our Entertainment Evenings with live music, comedy and general merriment. These are great opportunities to invite friends and family and for our own church community to enjoy one another’s company. 

Could you make brews and make people feel welcome? Do you have a talent you could share? If so, see Ian. 

Perhaps you may have your own idea for a community engagement we could try? If so, there are currently gaps in the timetable so speak to Ian if you have an idea you would like to discuss.


All of these activities are opportunities to invite neighbours, colleagues, friends and family to build relationships with us; it’s through relationship that we build bridges for the gospel. Do pray about who you might invite to what is going on. 

Exciting times!

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