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Hope Beyond Death

3 December 2023
What happens when we die? What are our hopes for those who have already died? What is our ultimate hope?

The Wisdom Of Forgiveness

26 November 2023
Forgiveness can help us to make sense of our past. It enables us to release the things that hold us prisoner and lets us write a different future.

The Wisdom Of Nurturing Generations

19 November 2023
How do we invest well in the next generations? Into our children’s lives, and the children in our church, and in grandchildren?

The Wisdom Of Peace

12 November 2023
On Remembrance Sunday we recall those who went through the awfulness of war in years gone by, and pray for those caught up in it today. How can we practise the wisdom of peace-making when there are so many conflicts around us? What hope does Jesus bring?

The Wisdom Of Ageing

5 November 2023
How do we honour elderly parents at the same time as we ensure that we age well – flexible in outlook, gracious in judgment, loving to all?

The Wisdom Of Friendship

29 October 2023
We know that good friendships are not only part of an enjoyable life but are one of the factors in helping you live a longer life. But true friendship demands vulnerability. How do we keep developing this?

We Are Called To Be Humble

22 October 2023
Humility is the key – it marks out God’s people as following Jesus. It can be the mark of our relationships together and can be the mark of church together.

Suffering: Resilience, Resistance and Restoration

15 October 2023
The Christians that Peter wrote to were beginning to face the social stigma of being known as Jesus followers. They are helped to see how to build resilience and how to resist the pressures they were facing, but also how the promise of God's restoration could change everything. These 3 Rs are still the way we can navigate the tough periods of our lives.

We Are Called To Be A People Of Praise

8 October 2023
We are called to declare God’s goodness – in the darkness.

We Are A Holy Nation

1 October 2023
Holiness is designed to be lived out in the mess of normal relationships, not least our lives at home.

We Are A Royal Priesthood

17 September 2023
What did priests do? What does it mean to be a priest for our families, our friends and colleagues?

We Are Chosen

10 September 2023
What did God choose us to do? What does it mean to be a faithful presence in situations that are difficult?
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