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Have God’s plans failed? (Romans 9-10)

9 November 2014
At this point in the his letter to the Romans, Paul deals with the question, "So what about the Jews?"

Change that lasts (Romans 8:1-17)

26 October 2014
One of the things that we all find ourselves wondering from time to time is: Can I change? The Bible suggests a clear answer: Yes, we can change!

Is freedom a possibility? (Romans 6:15-7:25)

19 October 2014
How do we walk the line between Sin and Law? Is freedom a possibility?

This is the life (Romans 5:12-6:14)

12 October 2014
Paul takes us back to why we got in a mess in the first place, and how we can get out of it, and stay out of it.

We’re all in it together (Romans 2:1-3:26)

28 September 2014
How do we help 'good' people - and we all think we are those people - make sense of why we need to hear and respond to the claims of Jesus.

Where did it go wrong? 4 inconvenient truths (Romans 1:18-32)

23 September 2014
4 inconvenient truths of the gospel - truths that don't seem to fit in our world easily.

I am not ashamed… (Romans 1:1-17)

15 September 2014
Paul starts this major letter with a really exciting exploration of what the gospel is.

The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Self-Control

7 September 2014
This was the last service in our summer-long series exploring the Fruits of the Spirit.

The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Gentleness

1 September 2014
Gentleness combines strength and meekness - strength under control.

The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Faithfulness

27 August 2014
What does it take to stay faithful to the commitments we make?

The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Goodness

19 August 2014
Goodness is an attitude that is willing to do so much more than is required.

The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Kindness

12 August 2014
Kindness is one of God’s secret doorways to destiny.
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