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Over the next months we have a lot of new things taking shape; The Vine (new cafe), Christmas Alive (Lightoaks Park), First Sunday (inclusive service for ‘all’ to be invited to) and at Pendleton College the Konnekt To Life Project, which we have continued to develop, and are now in a really exciting phase of delivering and training the Tutors. We would also like to start praying regularly for the Chaplains and the CU that has started at Pendleton.

John King has had the church open every 3rd Sunday at 6pm and has already started to pray some of this stuff through, thank you John for your commitment to this. We will now also be opening the church on a Wednesday morning at 8am, this will give opportunity for those who would like to pop in before they go to work or start their day. We will be praying specifically about the above, seeking God for wisdom and whats on His heart for these areas.

If you cannot make it to any of these, please pray where you are, let us know your thoughts and reflections on what you think God might be prompting or saying. Let us know that you are with us in prayer, send Mary an email, for those who are there it will be an encouragement to know they pray with you.

We desire to see God glorified in our lives, the churches life and on the Height.

May you know the whisper of the Spirit into your own life today.

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