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A song about joy

A song about joy

On Sunday, Mary will be speaking about Joy, the second fruit of the Spirit mentioned in Galatians Chapter 5. With that in mind, we are introducing another new song, to put words to our thoughts, and to help us articulate a response to God.

It borrows words and phrases from various scriptures, including the book of Ecclesiastes, ‘There is a time for sorrow and a time for joy’. This song is not meant to be a flippant encouragement to ‘smile and praise the Lord’ in spite of what we are going through, pretending it’s not happening. Rather, it’s a reminder that, no matter how bad life gets, there is always something to give thanks to God for, and that in the process, we can find strength and joy.

Here are the lyrics to help you sing along

Be Our Strength (Shout To God)

Verse 1

There’s a time for weeping and there’s a time to mourn
But now is not that day, now is not that day
There’s a time for grieving and there’s a time to cry
But now is not that day, now is not that day


Today I’ll decide to firmly fix these eyes upon the author of our faith
And today I’ll give thanks, whatever the circumstance
And offer the Lord heartfelt praise


Shout to God, all the people sing, let the sound of praises ring
For the Lord has done great things and may we rejoice in him always
Everyday may an anthem rise, spread the gospel of Jesus Christ
In the valleys and through the trials
Come let the joy of the Lord now be our strength

Verse 2

There’s a joy for sinners that we can’t explain
It stands in spite of pain, like sunshine through the rain
There’s a hope within us that we can’t contain
Assist us to proclaim the glories of your name

Middle 8

I will sing of your love in the morning, your faithfulness in the night
You have filled this poor soul with gladness and the strength to fight

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