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New series, new song

New series, new song

Sunday will mark the start of a new sermon series looking at the Fruit of the Spirit, as outlined in Galatians chapter five. The first fruit is love and, with Paul’s famous passage of 1 Corinthians 13 in mind, we will be introducing a new song based around this theme. Once again, it’s by Matt Redman, and I hope it helps us to engage with the text in a deeper way.


Verse 1

Jesus, I could sing
In the tongues of men and angels
But if I have not love
I am just a clanging cymbal, and empty sound


This is a love song
This is a love song
Jesus, a love song to You
A song of devotion, of reverent passion
Saviour, a love song to You

Verse 2

Jesus, I could pray
With a faith that moves a mountain
But if I have not love
It is just a noise resounding, an empty sound

(Repeat Chorus)


It’s the overflow of hearts
As we gaze upon Your beauty
A reflection of Your worth
For we’ve seen a glimpse of You in Your glory, Lord

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