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Where did it go wrong? 4 inconvenient truths (Romans 1:18-32)

23 September 2014
4 inconvenient truths of the gospel - truths that don't seem to fit in our world easily.

I am not ashamed... (Romans 1:1-17)

15 September 2014
Paul starts this major letter with a really exciting exploration of what the gospel is.

The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Self-Control

7 September 2014
This was the last service in our summer-long series exploring the Fruits of the Spirit.

The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Gentleness

1 September 2014
Gentleness combines strength and meekness - strength under control.

The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Faithfulness

27 August 2014
What does it take to stay faithful to the commitments we make?

The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Goodness

19 August 2014
Goodness is an attitude that is willing to do so much more than is required.

The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Kindness

12 August 2014
Kindness is one of God’s secret doorways to destiny.

The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Patience

4 August 2014
Patience - it's a quality of God, and is to be true of us as well.

The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Peace

30 July 2014
Can we watch the news, and see all that's going on in the world around us, and still know God's peace?

The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Joy

23 July 2014
Some days it's difficult to find joy. But we're called to rejoice in the Lord. Even in trials, the joy of the Lord will stop a descent into despair...

The Spirit-Shaped Life >> Love

6 July 2014
The start of our new series, looking through the Fruit of the Spirit, and what it means to have a Spirit-shaped life.

What does God ask of us: Pray hopefully (Micah 7:1-20)

25 June 2014
The closer you get to situations that seem hopeless, the harder it is to hold on to any sense that God can do something to change things.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Keeping each other safe at Salford Elim Church