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Mary anoints Jesus

30 March 2015
The anointing of Jesus by Mary is in all 4 gospels - all the writers thought that this was an important part of Jesus' story.

Do something new – Fasting

25 March 2015
A look at the final spiritual discipline that Jesus mentions in Matthew 6 - fasting.

Do something new – Generosity

18 March 2015
How can we do generosity for the sake of others, and not for how it makes us look, using Paul's example in his letter 2 Corinthians 8 and 9.

Do something new – Generosity

11 March 2015
How can we be generous and give to the needy, without doing it to be seen by others, and in order to impress them?

Do something new – Prayer

25 February 2015
Prayer shapes us, teaches us to pray on behalf of others, and causes us to stop and listen. Let's train our minds to pray with others in mind.

The Spirit says change

17 February 2015
The central work of the Spirit in our lives is enabling us to change. How does the Spirit change us?

The Spirit says act

13 February 2015
The gifts of the Spirit are given to the church, not to individuals so that the body of Christ can act in effective ways in their world. What does it mean for us to embrace the gifts that the Spirit offers the church?

The Spirit says create

28 January 2015
In Exodus 31, the Spirit gives Bezalel gifts so that he can create something of beauty. How does the Spirit work like that in our lives?

The Spirit says live

20 January 2015
The Spirit is involved in the creation of the world, the people of God and the church. He is the life-giving Spirit – God’s breath living in us.

The Spirit says come

15 January 2015
From the opening verses of the Bible to the final words, the Spirit is present in the Bible. Always creative, always bringing new life into being, always pointing forwards.

Christmas: What sort of God does this sort of thing?

23 December 2014
As we approach Christmas Day, we pull the lens back a little bit on the Christmas story, and ask the question, "What sort of God does this sort of thing?"

Plans and People (Romans 15:14-16:27)

14 December 2014
This week we came to the end of Romans, looking at Paul's plans, and the people who mattered to him.
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