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Born Again To Live Again

3 September 2023
Peter paints a rich picture of all that God has done for us, so that we can live consistently in all our different situations in life. We are born again to live again…

Love Makes Sense Of Differences

6 August 2023
Paul’s extended reflection on why love is so central to the life of a church gives us a sense of what the church can offer a divided world. We can be part of the answer, rather than adding to the problem.

We Have Different Weaknesses

30 July 2023
How do we care for one another so that all our weaknesses are covered?

We Should Be Different

9 July 2023
The early church had to navigate all the challenges of being small communities who came from different backgrounds. What were these differences and how did they manage the tensions and turn them to strengths?

We Should Be United

2 July 2023
The earliest Christians demonstrated their unity when they ate meals together. It would have been shocking to those who watched on. The meal that carried the memory of Jesus’ last meal was the most powerful of all.

The Prayers of Jesus – Defiant Prayer

25 June 2023
Prayer shapes our character and in times of crisis, we reveal who we really are. As Jesus hung in agony on a Roman cross, unjustly brutalised, facing certain death, his prayers revealed who he was and defied the expectations of everyone. How might our prayer life shape us to do the same?

The Prayers of Jesus – Lonely Prayer

18 June 2023
In the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus enacted a part of ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, ‘Your will be done’, and he did it alone. How can we learn to pray, trusting in God, when things are not as we would hope and we feel we are facing them alone?

The Prayers of Jesus – Intercessory Prayer

11 June 2023
In John 17, Jesus prays for his disciples to be protected from the evil one, to be full of joy, to be sanctified and to be unified. Could he still be praying those things for us now and how might we part of the answer?

The Prayers of Jesus – Intimate Prayer

4 June 2023
John 17 is the most revealing of all prayers: it’s a window into the intimacy shared between Jesus and his Father before the creation of the world…

Pentecost Sunday

28 May 2023
A joint Pentecost service with St James, as we celebrated this important event and prayed together that the Spirit will re-fill us all again.

Compassion Sunday

21 May 2023
A chance to get some updates and insights from Luke Sharp into all that Compassion are doing at the moment.

Good News In The Season Of Storms: When Storms Cease

14 May 2023
The most famous storm was a long one – 40 days of rain. And one man and his family lived with the hope that one day it would cease. His hope was not disappointed, the rains stopped and Noah and his family and the zoo he saved could live again. But they had important lessons to learn when the sun came out again.
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